The ugliest bread I have ever made

Blue bread pudding with blue icing

Unfortunately, the picture above is the PRETTY version of it, after I tampered and tweaked it into something a person could actually tolerate looking at…and maybe consider eating it.

Let’s go back to the beginning to see how this “masterpiece” started, though. I believe this is from the time I tried recreating the adorable panda bread.

Adorable bread that looks like a panda when sliced

It totally looks like that, right? :P

Anyway, I started with all the appropriate proportions of colored bread dough:

Colored pieces of bread dough
I went with a lovely blue because I didn’t want it to be exactly like the panda above and I thought the blue would make a nice sky instead of grass behind it.

Fluffy bread

Unfortunately, the bread dough recipe I used decided that not only was it going to rise….but it was going to rise and rise and rise some more, so that it didn’t come out like a flat loaf at all.

Loaf of bread

It came out as a monster! And oversize, lumpy (albeit, fluffy and tasty) monster of a loaf!
There was no way it looked like a panda inside, of course, and didn’t even look like a pretty swirl. Even I didn’t want to eat it. So instead, I thought it would look cool as a bread pudding. Then it would be more swirled and cool, right?

Blue bread pudding

Wrong! Ew!
Okay, as a last resort, I figured I could slather it in icing. How about a lovely blue to bring out the blue flecks in the bread pudding?

Ugly green colored icing

What the heck happened?? That is the nastiest color ever and no where near blue! It’s just gross green stuff. Ew again!
Swirled blue icing - Earth in swirly motion
Thankfully, when I stirred it, you could tell that it was really blue underneath. I’m not sure what’s going on with that dark green.

Blue bread pudding

When sliced, the bread pudding *did* look kinda cool. It’s not a panda, but the girls thought it was neat…even if maybe a little bit weird.

Blue bread pudding with powdered sugar icing

And hey, with appropriately blue-colored icing, it was actually pretty edible, too!

Bagel buoy boy – Summertime swimmer art

A bagel made to look like it's a person in an intertube raft buoy. Legs and arms made of cream cheese with red pepper flippers, green pepper sunglasses, cheese hair, red pepper snorkel

Now that I’m really inspecting and admiring this, the cream cheese does look a little gross, eh? Ah well, it’s still awesome!

Also, the recipe suggests adding nutella to the cream cheese for a darker skin complexion. I’m not sure I would’ve considered doing that at all, but I love the idea. <3

….and there’s the realization yet again that the simplest things make me giddy. To be sitting at my computer, smiling at a screen while I type, at the thought of adding chocolate to make a cream cheese swimmer a more accurate color for some people? Uh, yeah, I might have issues. Oops.

A greener way to make toast – “Multipurposing” skills (Wordless Wednesday)

Lean piece of bread against hot burner or pan while making pasta or boiling water. No toaster needed.

Don’t judge.