Individual veggie trays for travel – Bento box style!

Bento box veggie trays with ranch dressing, carrots, celery, tomatoes

Making bento boxes really sparked a whole new trend in the house for a while.

Our entire view on food shifted to keeping in mind what would work well to put in the lunches the next day. Even the dog got compartmentalized food a few times. And here, my mom skipped trying to travel with a full awkward veggie tray by doing several individually packed veggie bags.

The same could be done with plastic bowls as the larger holder, of course, and would be good for long car rides with the kids, picnics, etc. Actually, those Glad salad bowls that come with a little pop-out salad dressing bowl would work perfect for them, too, but I didn’t see those until quite a while after Mom did these. Why buy specialized bowls when you can work with what you already have anyway? These are much cuter.

80s cartoon creations – Smurfs, Scooby, Care Bears, Jetsons


Nablopomo – Favorite animated character

Yay, time for some cartoon fun. I don’t have a favorite, but here are some other people’s creations related to some cartoons I would’ve watched in mostly the 80s. (The picture above is mostly 90s toons that my sister would’ve watched instead, but I thought it was a cool collection of cupcakes).

Smurf cookies with papa smurf and smurfette

Smurf Cookies

Bugs bunny sandwich with strawberries and carrots

Bugs Bunny Sandwich – Did you know they brought Bugs back?? In 2011, they have a new show called The Looney Tunes Show where Bugs and Daffy are living together in LA and all their neighbors are other toons from the original shows from long ago. I haven’t brought myself to actually watch it yet.

Scooby Doo birthday party with lots of Scooby food treats

Scooby Doo Party

Care Bears bento box with hearts

Care Bears BentoBento boxes still amaze me

Charlie Brown Cafe food picture of pastries crepe and ice cream

Charlie Brown Café

Flintstones Flinstones vitamins with eyes

Flintstones Googly Vitamins – The whole site is filled with things with googly eyes.

Garfield food lasagna cake

Garfield and his Lasagna

 Muppet Babies cake food Muppet Babies food  Muppet Babies cake food

Muppet Babies Cakes

Jetsons food moleculaire food printer automated automatic food preparation

Jetsons-style Electrolux Moleculaire food printer – Here’s a video explaining how it works, but doesn’t it remind you of the Jetsons?

Mini-bears with mini-ears and mini-eyes in mini cups and…..

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Awwww! Aren’t these adorable?? Cooler temperatures are coming and that means more excuses to bake.

The site I found them on is written in Japanese and doesn’t translate quite so well, but I can’t imagine these being too difficult to recreate yourself. Use your favorite bread recipe, roll into small balls, add some tiny ones for ears (if the bread isn’t too sticky, try using an egg wash to help keep them in place), and find some suitable seeds or spices for some eyes.

Double awww….they’d be so cute. I’m going to have to make some of these now. And maybe stick them in a bento box, ‘cause they’d be the perfect mini-size. Awww again. :P