Dan’s pancake food art

Pancake food art - Pancake that looks like Mario's hat from Mario video game

Have you guys figured out yet that I love when people play with their food?

Jenni and Jim are my favorite pancake artists but Dan is getting a shoutout here because it looks like he’s doing it in a restaurant and not just in his own home for some kids. Beware that some of the pancakes are not PG-13…there is some language and pictures that are not for your kids. The multiple Mario-related pancakes are worth the click-through, though. :)

Pancake food artPancake food art

Van Gogh Sky painting - Starry Night - A pancake food art plate made to look like Van Gogh's Starry Night

Heart shaped carrots – Simple, savory Valentine’s Day idea

Chicken soup for the soul with heart shaped carrots for Valentine's Day

I don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day usually. I made pink heart shaped pancakes for the girls one year, if I recall correctly, although that easily could’ve been just a random day where I felt like showing them I cared enough to spend some extra time on breakfast. That just goes to show how important this holiday is to me, huh? Ha.

I do end up seeing a lot  related foods around every single holiday, though, and V-Day is no exception. Just how many heart-shaped cookies can there possibly be in the world? Hundreds of thousands, according to my feed reader.

Savory Valentine's Day dishes with heart shaped carrots for soup

So I especially liked this idea to help balance it out. Instead of focusing only on the dessert side, this one simply involves cutting some carrots and tossing them into a soup. In this case, it appears to be chicken noodle soup and I love the simplicity of it. <3

Sophistimom did a really awesome tutorial on how to easily create the hearts without doing it individually, too, so check her out.

And in case you would prefer a dessert, how about some manly cookies?

Manly V-Day cookies that say 'well done' and 'let's pork' on pieces of meat

Even Abe Lincoln is freezing his butt off

Abraham Lincoln cake made out of gingerbread and with earmuffs and gloves because he's cold in the winter


I can’t say that I have seen many creative works using the Lincoln Memorial, but this one is kind of cute. As if the earmuffs and mittens didn’t dress it up enough, they really put the icing on the cake (cookie?) with the blue bowtie.

As for the reason for this strange sculpture, it was for a benefit for City Harvest. Patti Paige used Lincoln’s favorite food, gingerbread, to create a cookie sculpture and display it at Le Parker Meridien hotel in New York City. I think she did a pretty fantastic job, too.