Lobster shell motorcycles – Kickstand & license plate included!

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I really couldn’t find much about these lobster bikes, other than that the chef got the idea while tossing out shells used during a cooking class. Then again, what else would there be to know? It’s not like creating art like this needs to have a logical reason for it, right? :P

The middle is the best part!

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Doughnuts and coffee cut in half after putting gelatin in them to hold their place.

I love how they managed to get the swirling in the coffee!!

And no, this isn’t the work of Photoshop either. It’s real food. They used gelatin to ‘freeze’ some of these foods in their place and the sliced through to show us the middle. The coffee above and the ramen directly below are my favorites, but they have a few more on display here, too.

A bowl of ramen noodles and chopsticks cut in half. The middle view of a corndog with ketchup and mustard cut in half. An ice cream cone with the chocolate in the middle. Chicken noodle soup and vegetable soup cut in half.

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

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That’s sort of a mandatory title for a picture like this, right?
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I used to use A LOT of eggs. When I was living at home and cooking for 6 (7 if you count the dog…12+ if you start adding in the rotating friends/family), Mom would give me “those looks” when she’d see me pile up the cart with 10 dozen eggs.
“Do you really need that many?”
“Uh, yes….”
~ the look ~
“Well it takes a full dozen for a set of omelet muffins or breakfast burritos. If I’m doing those for the freezer, I need at least a few (dozen) and then I put a dozen in the dog’s food, and if I’m doing any baking…”
“Okay, okay. What next?”

~ Sigh ~

I can’t really think of any times where by the end of the month, I had any eggs left either (or cheese, for that matter) and occasionally I would have to stop to get more. Eggs are a super cheap source of nutrition and when you’re trying to cook healthy for a small army on a budget, that’s kind of key.
It also means ending up with a whole lot of “wasted” egg shells, though. The only thing I ever used them for was in the dog food (great way to add the necessary calcium). Had I known I could make my own chickens out of recycled egg shells, I surely would’ve! (Although, there’s no way it would’ve looked as good as this guy’s.)