The middle is the best part!

art, edible art, food art, ice cream, ramen, soup | August 22, 2013 | By

Doughnuts and coffee cut in half after putting gelatin in them to hold their place.

I love how they managed to get the swirling in the coffee!!

And no, this isn’t the work of Photoshop either. It’s real food. They used gelatin to ‘freeze’ some of these foods in their place and the sliced through to show us the middle. The coffee above and the ramen directly below are my favorites, but they have a few more on display here, too.

A bowl of ramen noodles and chopsticks cut in half. The middle view of a corndog with ketchup and mustard cut in half. An ice cream cone with the chocolate in the middle. Chicken noodle soup and vegetable soup cut in half.


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