Limited counter space? Use an ironing board

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Use an ironing board for limited counter or cooking space

Are you doing a lot of baking this holiday season?

This is one of the best tips I have seen to extend your workspace without any money or hassle. Just use an ironing board. The great thing about them is that, unlike an extra table, an ironing board is already built for the heat. That not only frees up counter space, but it also frees up your pot holders.

You can put this in another room so your kitchen space isn’t blocked out more. Or, if you’re often cooking and without counter space, you could install an ironing board directly in your kitchen. I saw a few that did this on the inside of their pantry door. While they’re cooking, they leave the pantry open and flip open the ironing board to work on throughout the day. Then when the day is over, tip up the board, close the door, and your kitchen is back to its normal size again.

Here’s a video of someone talking about how she does it. She puts dish towels on hers to avoid the dirt and crumbs that might come from using it in the kitchen, too. It’s not like anyone ever really irons any more, though, right? But just in case, you don’t want any stray food left behind to get ironed directly onto your next piece of clothing that touches it.



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