When QJ moves – Part 10 – We heart our trash men

Part of the reason my move last year is getting so much blog loving is because it was a *big* move. We basically consolidated 3 different homes plus storage, all into one big house. It took weeks of preparation, planning, and packing….and a whole lot of boxes.

So even though we threw away a lot of stuff -before- the move, there was obviously a ton of stuff to be disposed of during and after the move as well.

Which meant our trash men had their work cut out for them the first couple weeks. Now they weren’t obligated to take anything beyond our first trashcan that could be picked up by the truck automatically.

But they did. They were awesome. And so while we were setting up a yard sale one morning and they came through to pick up their weekly mountain of trash, I sent one of the girls to go ask them what kind of cookies they liked. They said sugar, so the next week, I spent the evening making heart and truck-shaped cookies for them.

Now obviously I’m no SugarBelle and I didn’t take the time to learn how to flood and perfect. But a butter knife and ziploc bag of icing did fairly well, and I doubt the trash guys really cared what they looked like….they were just happy to get some cookies, hehe.

And in the process of showing my appreciation for their hard work, I also learned how to make hippo cookies.

Upper left cookie? Definite hippo.

Those were the results of trying to figure out just which cookie cutter lines I should follow in order to get something that resembled a truck. Upper left is a hippo. Or guinea pig even, ha. Bottom left has a bison head. Upper right? I have no idea what that miserable thing is, hehe.

Moral of the story: Make lots of extra cookies so half can go to the receiver and all the mistakes  can be eaten.

Oh, and appreciate your trash people, mail men and women, etc. They may not always do things the way you like it, but when they do, make sure you tell them thanks….or use them as an excuse to make baked goods. :P


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