Cake batter martinis

Reminder that this year’s NaBloPoMo theme on Quirky Cookery is “adults.” Content may not be appropriate for kids.

Cake batter martinis using whipped cream vodka, creme de cacao, white chocolate liqueur, heavy cream, and sprinkles glued on with frosting

As you would imagine, this drink is going to be extremely sweet. No, even sweeter than you’d guess based on the name. Look at the ingredients:

whipped cream vodka
creme de cacao
white chocolate liqueur
heavy cream
assorted sprinkles

You’ll have to check out How Sweet Eats for the proportions to make your own. She does say you can use vanilla vodka instead of the whipped cream variety, but it’s not quite as “cupcake material.” If that means it’s not as sweet, that might be a good thing for you.

Even so, I doubt anyone should drink more than one of these at any given time. They’re quite pretty to look at, though.


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    Quirky Jessi
    November 8, 2012

    Gotta be careful with that UDG. It tastes like candy instead of alcohol, so it’s pretty easy to drink more of it than you realize!

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