Dessert for breakfast – S’mores french toast

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Smores french toast stuffed with nutella, marshmallow fluff and coated in graham crackers, backed

Instructions and more drool-worthy pictures of Smore’s French Toast

Fun Quirky Jessi fact: S’mores are one of those treats that I didn’t get to try until I was nearly an adult. It’s kinda like Toys R Us….everybody else did it as a kid, while I made up for it later instead.

For a more grown-up version for the rest of you, though, I think this french toast variety is a little more refined and “fancy”…

Wait. Can I call a dish that’s essentially bread stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow fluff, coated in crushed graham crackers, and then potentially fried….”fancy?”

Probably not. Hmm. Maybe it’s more…. “refined.” Nah.

Got it. It’s a great way to have s’mores indoors when it’s not summer prime time! Woot. There we go. Great description. I got your excuse all planned out for you. Now you must go indulge. :P

And bring me some, too, ok? Otherwise, I’ll have to wait until I’m old and senile for this to be inappropriate enough for me.


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