Turducken Week – When 3 regular birds just isn’t enough

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Here’s the top 5 turducken variations I’ve seen that take the whole “chicken in a duck in a turkey” thing to another level.

1. 12 Bird “True Love” Turducken – Turk-oo-du-fo-mal-sin-ail-tridge-on-sant-en-duck

12 bird mega turducken 12 bird turducken

1. Turkey, 2. Goose, 3. Barbary duck, 4. Guinea fowl, 5. Mallard, 6. Poussin, 7. Quail, 8. Partridge, 9. Pigeon squab, 10. Pheasant, 11. Chicken, 12. Aylesbury duck

Holy cow, right? The ‘”true love” bird is modeled after the 12 days of Christmas, feeds 125 people, is roughly 50,000 calories, and takes 8 hours to cook.

2. 5 pound bacon turkducken – Turbaconducken

5 pounds of bacon turducken

Sure, it looks like just a turkey or maybe a “plain ol’ turducken” wrapped in bacon, but really, every bird piece inside was also wrapped in bacon, totaling 5 pounds worth of bacon.

3. Goochiphetridge and Quaducant

Turducken with different birdsturducken with different birds

The standard three birds are too boring apparently, so these guys mixed them up. The first is a goose, chicken, pheasant, and partridge. The second is only 6 pounds total with a quail breast and duck breast stuffed with Creole sausage and then placed in a deboned pheasant (quadruple threat).

4. TurBaconEpic

“A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig.” = 79,046 calories and 6,892g of fat

This was actually the first Epic Meal Time video I ever saw. If you’ve never seen any of them, uh, prepare yourself…it’s a lot of food, so not-always PG references, and maybe even a few gross moments of indulgence.

5. TurBaconEpicCentipede with Baconators

Same rules apply here with not-so-PG references, crazy indulgence, and a whole heck of a lot of food. Lots of birds, lots of bacon, lots of pigs, and lots of YouTube celebrities at this crazy celebration.

Turbaconepiccentipede with turduckens in pigs in a line


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