Party tip – Serve ice in a colander & clean your rabbit hutch

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Source – The Kitchn/Real Simple

I wish I would’ve seen this tip ages ago. You know how at summer barbecues, every drink is better with ice (whether it’s in the drink or the drink has been chilling in it)?

Well to keep it from eventually turning into a bowl of water with some floating frozen pieces, place the ice in a colander over a bowl instead. A commenter suggested going with a plastic one instead, because metal might attract and conduct heat.

For a cooler, it could be worth grabbing a piece of chicken wire…….rabbit hutch….stuff. Hold that thought.


*asks a friend*

*calls mother* Why didn’t I start there? Duh.

Let’s try this again. It could be worth grabbing a piece of “14-gauge galvanized wire mesh (1″ x 1″ openings)” :P You have that just laying around, right? We always did….

Hi bunny!! That’s 14-gauge galvanized wire mesh, by the way. Oh yeah…

Anywho, if you have any “screen, mesh, wiring, fencing” that could create a makeshift shelf in the bottom of a cooler, it could work well for the same idea. If you go with something flimsier like chicken wire, double it over and make two smaller shelves in the bottom so it doesn’t cave in the middle. A couple inches tall should suffice.

But yeah, colanders…. Nice tip….


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