Cooling ice cube necklaces

ice, kids, summer | August 11, 2011 | By

Genius. Take those little reusable ice cubes you can get at the dollar store (or better yet, at yard sales as everyone realizes they never use them anyway), tie them up in some old pantyhose, freeze, and then enjoy on a hot day.

The big square cubes are a bit much for me, but we used to have little round ones that would’ve been perfect for me instead. I do think it’s fun to have the different colors, though, and I bet kids would absolutely love them.

Here’s the video for how to make the base necklace using bouncy balls:


Well, once you get past Martha Stewart derailing the video to being about her gold-plated tools anyway.

For boys who think the colorful ones are too girly, try some black nylons instead. Or maybe make some bracelets or anklets with smaller balls even. Better yet, have them pick out their own ice cube variations and make it themselves.


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