Too many peeps? Make peep sushi!

This is one of those dishes that I’ve held onto a bookmark of for quite a while. I wanted to make my own, but well, I just never did and Carey, Erin, and Grace did such a good job that I never would’ve been happy with my own results in comparison.

I wouldn’t have been as funny writing about them either. Here’s some of the things Grace had to say about the process:

  • There is no wasabi. Same goes for ginger. Peeps are sassy enough on their own. (We tried smashing up a green Peep for a wasabi-esque condiment, but decided against this.)
  • With glossy spreads from Masaharu Morimoto‘s The New Art of Japanese Cooking book out for inspiration….
  • Execute six Peeps of your color choice by decapitation. Cut off more neck than you think is appropriate.
  • (In the “you will need” section) Nimble fingers. Man hands might find this a wee difficult.

There’s even a suggestion of what temperature water to drink to make these go down best. I can’t imagine a better tutorial for peepshi.


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