Fun Easter foods – Deviled eggs, orange baskets, bunny bread

Click the pictures to take you to the sources and find out how to make your own. :)

Hard boiled eggs split in half with faces

Sailboats made out of hardboiled eggs for Easter bento box

(The sailboats are fruit leather, by the way…awesome)

Easter egg pancake drawing art

Easter egg chick made out of yellow, white, orange pancakes flapjacks

Easter bunny filled with spinach artichoke cream cheese dip in its belly with carrots cucumbers and tomatoes

(I originally saved this one last year because I wanted to make my own. Fast forward and I obviously haven’t so please look at her awesomeness instead).

Orange fruit baskets for Easter

Heart and chick kabobs for Easter day barbecue

Deviled egg for Easter with horns Deviled egg chicke for EasterDeviled egg basket for Easter


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    April 9, 2012

    everything is adorable and beautiful! specially those eggs with chicken face :)

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