Scalloped potatoes – Not always smiley faces

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Scalloped potatoes
Can you see it? How about with classic zoom power:

That’s a definite pouty face. In fact, I’d say somebody got a little collagen action going on to make that extra pouty. Mwah!

Okay, so those scalloped potatoes were absolutely delicious, especially in comparison to the lips above. :P My entire family loves the cheese to be burnt, but I prefer the cheesy, potato-y goodness underneath.

Want the recipe?

Scalloped Potatoes

Lots of potatoes
Lots of cheese
Lots of butter
Lots of onions
Lots of sliced, chopped deli ham
Little bit of milk

Layer them and bake for 45 minutes-ish or until the cheese is completely bubbly and turning black. Complicated, eh? :P


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