Cleary Fresh Bags Review


A while back…well, a long while back actually….Anne contacted me about reviewing the Clearly Fresh Bags. She was awesome enough to even ship me a sample to Canada. And then even more awesome by being patient while I disappeared to BlogHer and tried to get settled back in.

On the up side, though, I put fruit into the bags before I left for the conference for a week, so I was able to give a legit review of the bags. They worked great! I took some pictures, but they didn’t really turn out that well ‘cause you can’t tell much difference. I’ll show you some from their site, though, and will try to get better pictures from the next attempt with the bags I do. I don’t want to make these guys wait any more than I already have, though.

The video above gives some really good tips on how to use them. It’s kinda sad they can’t really be used more than a few times since you can’t wash them and still keep the BreatheWay patch working, but I don’t feel so bad because each use lasts a couple weeks really.

There’s a lot more information on how the bags work on the site, too. Basically, it let’s the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. :P I don’t know the details of what’s actually in the breathe membrane, but it seems to work.

So far, I’ve only tried them with a couple different types of produce (blueberries and lettuce), but I’m looking forward to trying them out with already cut fruits and things like peaches that seem to either last a while or go bad rather quickly. I’m wondering if they’d work well on mushrooms, too….they’re not on the list and not a fruit or veggie, but still a produce that tends to go bad.

Want to try them out yourself? It looks like you can buy them straight through the site for $4 for 10 bags. Keep in mind that the bags are really big, too, so you’re not buying little rinky-dink ziplocs here.

And if you have any other questions about them, feel free to ask in the comments or email me. I know I didn’t get too detailed here, but their site has a lot of great info and I’ll likely post about them again as I try them out more. :)

Ship in the bottle is out – View in a water bottle is in

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While waiting in San Diego for the ferry to take us over to Coronado, we decided that if we weren’t eating just yet, we at least needed to get a drink.

Touristy spots generally mean insane high prices for silly items like bottles of water. We were thirsty, though, so no real harm done.

I was particularly excited when the awesome Lisa from Anthony’s Fish Grotto greeted us with a huge smile, took our order, and when she passed over what I thought were simple bottles of water, pointed out how you could see the San Diego skyline in the bottle.

Wait, what? Really?

Sure enough, there it was! And as we drank the water, I was particularly delighted to see that it looked like the picture water was moving with the real water.

Yes, I’m that easily delighted, hehe.

And I was so excited by my funky bottle of water (shush it :P), that I stepped back over and asked her to take a picture. Remember, I was just at a conference where pictures were nonstop, so I’m sure it was way weirder for her than it was for me, but I was thrilled, hehe.

Thank you, Lisa!

Playing in the sand with Pia – Now if only it had been food, too…

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I swear I’ll get back to food stuff soon. In my very next post actually.

But this first. Because this was awesome. And was a cause of yet another high I rode after BlogHer was over.

As I mentioned yesterday, my mom and sister flew out to San Diego to hang out with me after the conference. We basically had less than 48 hours to fit in as much as possible. A friend of mom’s said we needed to go out to the Hotel del Coronado to eat, so off we went.

hotel del coronado resort whole thing in panarama wide

I wish I could say everything went smoothly, but of course it didn’t. Long story short, we were given vague directions, eventually stopped a cop outside a hospital who called a cab for us, and when we made it to the hotel, we were given two different stories about food options, neither of which was what we were there for, and ultimately ordered an appetizer at a commercial diner in the basement. But hey, we made it! Finally…

hotel del coronado from the view of out in the water the beach

And after food, we headed straight out the back and down to the beach. San Diego has *incredible* weather, and this day was no different….it was beautiful. Seeing as how we’ve always lived in landlocked Midwest US and my sister hasn’t gotten to do much traveling, that meant she’d never been to a real beach either, so it was a must-do while in California.

While she braved a bikini and chilly water, I played in the sand…..and later, she did, too. 72 hours straight of nothing but Quirky Cookery talk and it was still on my mind at the beach, so I was writing the name there.

Out of no where, this little girl walks up to me and asks if I know Spanish. I told her I only know a little (5 years of classes and I can read it rather well still, but speaking it isn’t as easy beyond conversational Spanish). Turns out, she spoke English fluently, but told me that she saw me drawing and thought I was drawing in Spanish. Seeing as how Q’s aren’t exactly used much in English, but a lot in Spanish, I’m guessing that’s where the connection was.

So I told her what I was writing and how I was trying to draw a bunny, but I’m not very good at that. She watched and then helped! I know my excitement over this probably sounds silly, but you know what? It *is* silly and that’s why I loved every single second.

I have a ton of pictures, so I’m  not going to ramble on much longer and will just get to those. Briefly after our first bunny was done, we stood up to admire and the tide came in (it hadn’t been anywhere close before then) and washed it away!! She had been trying to catch crabs with her sister and offered to draw another bunny for me when I was done, so that’s why there’s two different sets. And at the end? We tried shadow bunnies. You can’t see them very well, but there’s one where we’re standing together and our bodies ended up looking like bunnies, too! Loved, loved, loved this.

I gave Pia a business card so she could come look, but who knows if they even remembered beyond the few minutes we were at the beach together. For me, though, it was absolutely fantastic experience. <3

^ This is my “oh my god, I can’t believe she just drew me a bunny!!” face.

*Gasp!* It’s gone! You can see my sister’s in the very bottom of the picture, too.


She started a new one in the wet sand, but we decided to try elsewhere instead.

Check out the beach behind us. Stunning.