Fancy tofu cut-outs for bento boxes – Aww, kissing giraffes

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When I was researching as much as I could about bento boxes for the girls, Wendolonia is one of the sites I went back to multiple times. She had some hardcore facts and instructional tips, but also had a lot of fun examples of bentos.

I can’t help but want to share her tutorial on how to make tofu cut-outs, too. Aren’t the giraffes adorable? I don’t have much experience with tofu outside of smoothies and stir-fries, but her kids love baked tofu and she loves playing with it, so it’s a great combo.

Check out the full picture tutorial for yourself at her site and browse around her gallery for some other great examples.

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! – Purple cabbage and tofu soup

Make no mistake, this is not my soup. This belongs to the lovely Kath/KERF (and you can find the recipe there, too).

Some of the ingredients, I don’t even like, much less together in a soup. I’m curiously drawn in by the pictures, though, and the name makes my head spin with ideas that would make this even more kid-friendly.

The idea of beetle juice might gross some little ones out, but if you have any boys obsessed with worms and dirt and all things gory….or anyone who loves the movie, oh boy, have fun with this one! And well, if not, don’t call the dish beetlejuice, but definitely introduce them to this gorgeous purple soup. Call it “pretty princess soup” or something more dainty.