The best hot dogs put the toppings on first

Which is better? The Chicago dog with mustard, relish, tomates, onion, pickles, jalapeno peppers, pepper, bun....or The chili dog from Coney Island hot dogs with chili, cheese, and onions? No matter what, the best hot dogs have the toppings on bottom.

This one is new to me entirely, but it does make sense.

If you’re the type who only adds a bit of ketchup or mustard or maybe the occasional scoop of relish, then this isn’t going to apply to you.

The best hot dogs - Picture shows the anatomy of the Chicago Dog including seasoned bun, yellow mustard, chopped sweet pickle relish, sliced fresh tomatoes, a basic hot dog, chopped onions, a dill pickle speer, two or three jalapeno peppers, ground black pepper, and the rest of the bun.  Put them on top to avoid them spilling out.

But if you’re the type who loves to pile on the toppings (Chicago hot dogs, anybody?), then you know all too well the pains of trying to keep all those toppings in place atop a slippery hot dog while you chow down.

So for the best hot dogs, what you’re actually supposed to do is start putting some of those toppings on first instead of on top. Don’t simply put on the ketchup and mustard because that will obviously make the bread soggy by the end of your dog. Instead, put the sturdier items on the very bottom like onions or pickles (or even lettuce, if that’s your style). Then pile on some of the other wetter ingredients.

Now if you’re at home, that’s pretty easy, but people shy away from doing that at a hot dog stand, right? So just ask the guy for your bun while they’re grilling the dog and you’ll cut your waiting time in half, too. Once you place the hot dog on top of all of the ingredients, it’ll somewhat squish into the middle and you’ll have the perfect hot dog before you know it.

So apparently you can fry watermelon…

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Up close picture of deep fried watermelon with powdered sugar and syrup
I was having the discussion the other day about whether or not you could barbecue watermelon. Logically, it seems like something that is 92% water would essentially melt on a grill.

I was wrong.

Not only is grilled watermelon apparently fantastic, but they also deep-fried the same liquid-laden food without any issues.

Two girls at Cardinali Family Concessions eating deep fried watermelon on a stick. One girl has a nose ring and the other is wearing a peace symbol necklace. They are having a blast.

I suppose that if they can deep fry whole butter sticks and Kool-Aid as fair food, then why not watermelon, too?

In fact, it almost seems way too healthy, hmm… Must be the dieter’s carnival food instead.

Every toddler mommy needs a hot dog cutter

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No, I’m not being sarcastic either. Really.

Hot dogs are one of those strange foods that kinda creep me out when it comes to letting kids eat them. Unfortunately, I’m not even talking about nutrition. How many hot dogs you feed your kids is your own business and I‘m not going to judge at all much. ;)

No, actually it’s the slippery, slimy texture and kids’ tendencies to take bites too big that cause my hear to skip a beat or two when I see parents hand over whole dogs to their one year olds. And if I’m watching your kid, you better believe it will always be cut right down the middle length-wise and then sliced across into several rows.


Which means I need one of these. This is exactly how I cut them and there aren’t any blades either, so even the kids can take care of chopping their hot dogs in one smooth, adorable move.


Come on, it even has a food/water bowl to add in ketchup or other random condiments. Yes, yes, I know it’s a silly, unnecessary unitasker….but for only 6 bucks? You’ll save more than plenty of time by not having to slice every one over the years by yourself, and you won’t have to pull me out of your throat when I jump down it for you not cutting them. :P