Adjustable rolling pin – Pies, cookies, fondant made easy

Adjustable rolling pin from Pioneer Woman's Ree Drummond cooking site where you can change the size of the pastry 

When I first saw this adjustable rolling pin a while back, I wondered why I had never seen one like it before. Anybody who bakes at all, knows how hard it can be to guess if your cookie dough or pie crust is -really- an eighth of an inch thick, give or take a tiny fraction of an inch.

Rolling something out to be 1/3 inch instead of 1/4 isn’t going to make or break your dish, of course, but it can certainly mean the difference between 24 thick doughy cookies or 36 thin, crispy ones.

Adjustable rolling pin where you can change the size of the pastry, crust, fondant

And I know I’m not the only one who has ever rolled out a crust and had one end slightly thicker than the other. So my inner-occasional-wannabe-perfectionist is all over this. I was surprised to see it’s not even 20 bucks on Amazon either. Considering I’ve been using a can of tomatoes as a pin for the last while, maybe it’s time to invest in a real pin again?

Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin from Amazon - Change size from 1/4, 1/8, 1/2 inch thick dough or crust

Adjustable rolling pin from Joseph-Joseph

Pacman Birthday Party – Waka, waka, waka

Or is it wakka, wakka, wakka?

When my sister saw N’s Mario birthday party, she mentioned wanting a Pacman one. Now normally we don’t accept requests, but she ‘is’ getting older and she does have an obsession with Pacman. Oh god does she ever. She’s constantly pointing out “oh my god, that looks like Pacman, waka, waka!” in her squealy girly voice. By now, we just groan every time she does it, but it did mean Pacman was quite suitable for her party.

We could’ve taken the easy road and just made a round cake, cut out a little pie slice, and added some yellow icing. Judging by the other birthday posts recently, though, does it really sound like something we’d do?

Heck no!

First, the entire Pacman board was drawn out in icing atop a double set of cake to fill a 9 x 13….half chocolate, half white.

Then a third was used for a small Pacman shaped cake done in yellow cake.

Give some fondant ghosts some eyes….

And when you put it all together, throw on one of the birthday girl’s tiaras to turn it into a Miss Birthday Girl Pacman cake! Don’t forget the cherries and a strawberry. 

Wait, doesn’t that muffin liner Pacman at the bottom look out of place? Of course….because he’s missing all his blue ghost friends. Waka, waka.

Okay, so that’s not exactly the greatest angle of picture to see them at their ghostly best, but hey, you get the idea, lol.

Um, did I mention that the tiara flashed, too? Yeah, she regularly wears it to school, sigh. :P  Here’s a quick video snippet of it. So quick you might have to play it 2 or 3 times before you pick up that that’s Pacman music in the background. ;)

The rest of the party included PacMan cups (no, this isn’t standard to stick things to the cups, but after N’s Mario cups, didn’t want this one to feel gypped :P), ghost balloons (although, not the exact colors, hehe), and homemade pizza rolls that were gone in a matter of minutes. I’ll do a separate post for those.

Birthday girl wanted the whole Pacman, but of course she didn’t eat even half of it, lol. 
It was pointed out that the previous picture would’ve killed Pacman, so I switched it and he ran away successfully. 

This is a standard sight for bringing in any given birthday person. I told you it was all kept secret and that’s right up to the last second.