Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

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That’s sort of a mandatory title for a picture like this, right?
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I used to use A LOT of eggs. When I was living at home and cooking for 6 (7 if you count the dog…12+ if you start adding in the rotating friends/family), Mom would give me “those looks” when she’d see me pile up the cart with 10 dozen eggs.
“Do you really need that many?”
“Uh, yes….”
~ the look ~
“Well it takes a full dozen for a set of omelet muffins or breakfast burritos. If I’m doing those for the freezer, I need at least a few (dozen) and then I put a dozen in the dog’s food, and if I’m doing any baking…”
“Okay, okay. What next?”

~ Sigh ~

I can’t really think of any times where by the end of the month, I had any eggs left either (or cheese, for that matter) and occasionally I would have to stop to get more. Eggs are a super cheap source of nutrition and when you’re trying to cook healthy for a small army on a budget, that’s kind of key.
It also means ending up with a whole lot of “wasted” egg shells, though. The only thing I ever used them for was in the dog food (great way to add the necessary calcium). Had I known I could make my own chickens out of recycled egg shells, I surely would’ve! (Although, there’s no way it would’ve looked as good as this guy’s.)

Pizza pancakes – When sweet dishes go savory

Pizza pancakes with suasage, pepperoni, and mushrooms in the batter without sugar along with pizza sauce and parmesan on top instead of syrup

Pizza pancakes are pretty self-explanatory, but in case you’re not sure what you’re looking at…. those are Bisquick mixed with standard pizza toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms, fried until cooked like normal pancakes, and then topped with marinara/pizza sauce and cheese.

This may be a brand new concept for some people, but if you’ll remember, I’m already acquainted with adding meat to waffles when my sister makes them for our dog. He’s never complained before and considering he’s the pickiest animal I have ever met (and then some!), I know they must be good. :P

Waffles with ham and other savory ingredients instead of sugar. Great as homemade dog food.

As for the pizza ones, I’m a fan of using pizza toppings/flavorings in/on vehicles other than a pizza dough crust that takes at least an hour of rising time. I like quick and easy, ya know? So tortilla pizzas (like Hello Kitty, to boot), crockpot pizza, pizza biscuits, and even pizza zucchini appetizers are all fair game.

I’m not really feeling the pancakes specifically, though. I’m sure they taste great, but I kind of prefer the “set it and forget it” style for pizza alternatives, so standing over a griddle, making dozens of pancakes (as if I ever make just one, pfft), doesn’t exactly sound that enticing.

I do love one of the suggestions in the comments, though. One of her picky eaters used them as a lunchable style snack, microwaving them the next day with sauce and mozzarella in between. To think of them as quick snacks for any time is actually a great idea!

I wish cheese were a vegetable (Wordless Wednesday)

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I wish cheese was a vegetable - Notebook to write in

(My first thought: Oh god, me too. I would be the healthiest person alive! My second thought: Shut up, Inner Editor, it’s okay to say “was” instead of “were” because most people couldn’t care less about the subjunctive…”)