Can I get a bacon bikini with that?

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Women dancing in bikinis, bra and underwear, made out of bacon. Bikini contest for meat or bacon weave bras.

After yesterday’s vegetarian bunny bikini, I figure the only way to balance it out is to add some bacon. ;)

Is it wrong that this now has the song “Baby Got Back” in my head now? Except I’m singing it more along the lines of “Baby got (baby) back (ribs)”….Mmm. Probably.

If you want more pictures of women with bacon, click here. Some are classier, some are disturbing, some are gross, and some are just plain hot so enjoy!

The one where I lose track of time

Gif of bacon fryingGif of slicing mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and avocadosGif of stirring mayonnaise dressingGif of putting sandwich together with tomatoes, avocadoes, and breadPutting sandwich together with bacon and cheeseGif of putting sandwich halves togetherHow to butter and make a paniniHow to grill a bacon, cheese, tomato paniniA grilled panini sandwich being sliced in half
I’m really not sure how long I have been sitting here, staring at my own blog post. And I know even less about how long I stared at the pictures before saving and uploading them. And months ago when I found these originally? Even if I knew how long I watched them, mesmerized and drooling, I would never admit it.
I mean, really…. how good does that look? Fresh mozzarella, delicious avocado and tomato slices, a creamy sauce that appears to be maybe mayonnaise and spices, and crispy bacon all layered onto freshly buttered bread before being pressed lightly and grilled to perfection in a panini press, and then sliced into perfect sandwich slices.
Yeah, I would eat the heck out of that. And I’d have another on the grill while I did because there’s no way I would stop at one. Mmmm.

The avocado of turduckens – Baconcado (Wordless Wednesday)

Baconcado – An avocado filled with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon.
Yes please.