Top 5 Vending Machine Fails

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Picture of vending machine that says "That split second when you don't know if your snack is going to get stuck or not."

We’ve all been there. We finally cave in and head to the vending machine for quick satisfaction, only to have the vending machine say “Nuh uh, not today, buddy! Muahaha!”
Here are the top 5 vending machine fail pictures I’ve seen recently. Although, to be fair, I’m pretty sure some of them are “human fail” considering just how many people kept trying to get food or drinks to dispense, despite the machine clearly not working properly.

Vending machine with all of the sodas (coke, monster, sprite, etc) piled up in front because it no longer dispenses. Vending machine fail with all the chips piled up in front.   Crush, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke in a vending machine that is stuck and someone has made it into a frowny face. All the chips piled up in front of a broken vending machine fail. Vending machine with the sign that says "These machines do not always vend the snack/drink you pay for. Use at your own risk!!!!" because it is broken.

Honorable mention for similar “human/machine fail”: 10 toddlers stuck in claw machines


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