Freezer food basket (and other premade foods) – Gifts for those who have everything

Freezer food gift basket with breakfast burritos and beef stew in a bag

^ Freeze Beef Stew and Breakfast Burritos (use Omelet Muffin recipe but cook in skillet and fill tortillas)

I’ve been seeing lots of ideas for food gifts, so I’ll just skip straight to sharing some of them. Remember that while cookies, candies, and other sweets are popular, putting together more savory mixes will carry beyond the holiday season….and without being carried there on an increased waistline. :P

Mason jar snack food mixesJar of candy with gift card certificate hidden inside

Top 8 edible gifts and gifts in a jar (including DIY s’mores kit, popcorn, and grandma’s goop)

The no-bake, no-cook, no-time gifts – Snack mixes in a jar (one that tastes like banana pudding looks awesome)

Gift certificate in a jar (more creative than just handing them one in a card)

Whole bunch of freezer meals (some gluten-free, vegetarian, and whole food ideas, too)

Sausage Spice Mix

Tis the Seasonings spice mixes (ranch, taco seasoning, onion salt)


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