Quirky bunny chocolate chip cookies – Why it’s awesome my sister knows about QC

I really, really wasn’t sure about telling my family about blogging. It’s not that I’ve ever posted anything awful or that I would regret, of course.
In fact, my “about me” section on QJ has always included a line about how if I wouldn’t want my mother seeing it, I wouldn’t post it….even though she didn’t know about either site until recently. It’s just a little different when people you actually know are reading what you write.
But then there’s things like the entire BlogHer experience that never would’ve happened had I not told them. And specifically with my sister, there never would’ve been the tons of pictures we took posing with bunnies (or as bunnies, ha).

And more importantly, she wouldn’t have made Quirky bunny cookies and sent me the pictures. Oh yeah, definite perks to them knowing, hehe.

Pure awesomeness, right??
Here’s some more pictures she sent me of the process and specific bunnies…

Yum! <3


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    August 18, 2011

    And they are indeed delicious. In fact, I ate a bunny as I read it. haha.

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