Top 15 Edible Snowmen

Tuesday’s post about snowman earmuffs got me to thinking about other snowmen you can eat. We’re smack dab in the middle of winter, but beyond the Christmas Santas and Rudolphs, so how about some snowy-looking treats instead?

Snowman cookie pops made with white frosting, m&m candies, and jelly beans or jelly bellies

1. Snowman Cookie Pops – I prefer them with the M&M nose at the end, I think, but the other candies were a good attempt at carrots.

Snowman drawn on with sharpies on gum packets

2. Snowman Gum – I originally posted about this as a stocking stuffer. I still think it’s cute for that, but you could potentially put it in a gift basket at other parts of the year, too.

Three white doughnuts stacked on a popsicle stick to be made to look like snowmen

3. Doughnut Snowmen on a Stick – This one actually has a real carrot nose, but I’m not sure anyone is going to want to eat that in combination with doughnuts and candies. I do love the coal eyes and mouth, though. They’re made out of grape Nerds, so they aren’t all uniform in shape.

Oreos dipped in white chocolate to look like snowmen

4. Oreo Cookie Snowmen – Aww. The middle one has earmuffs. I believe those are mini M&Ms instead of full sized ones, too, because otherwise they would be too big on Oreos.

Happy New Year snowmen pancakes 

5. Snowman Pancakes – Man, snowmen and M&Ms go hand in hand, huh? At least we have some candy corn going on for a nose for this one. 

Marshmallow snowmen and cupcakes 

6 & 7. Marshmallow Snowmen and Cupcakes with Earmuffs – At first I figured the cupcakes would be made with coconut, but nope! Those are white sugar sprinkles. I would totally eat those now that I know that, hehe.

Marshmallows stacked on toothpicks with strawberry hats
8. Strawberry marshmallow pops – Here’s another set that uses the obvious choice of marshmallows. I liked that this on added a strawberry hat, though.

Bento box - Ham and cheese sandwich snowman with pretzel and carrots on teh side

9. Ham and Cheese Bento – I’m thrilled that I could find some that were savory. Often times when people play with food, they go straight to the desserts. I like having fun with lunches and dinners, though, too. And if you follow the link, she has some other Christmas bentos that are really fun.

Onigiri rice balls in bento box for Christmas snowmen

10. Snowman ornament onigiri – The description from number 9 applies here, too. Both savory and a link that takes you to lots of other Christmas bentos. Awesome. <3

Do it yourself snowmen cookiesCookie kit with sugar cookie pieces to make your own snowmen

11. Assemble Your Own Cookie Snowmen – These are just too cute. I love the idea of putting together kits like this and gifting them to kids to put together their own cookies.

Snowman cheeseball that melts into fondue

12. Melting Frosty the Cheeseball Fondue – There’s a video of this one, too. It starts as just a snowman cheesball and then they melt him in a sauté pan. Poor Frosty!

Miniature snowmen made out of fondant
13. Miniature snowmen fondant – They’re so teenie tiny!! You can buy them on Etsy to then use them for cupcakes or cake pops, etc.

Draw on a fish bowl to make it festive for holidays

14. Snowman punch bowl – Actually, it’s more likely to be milk or eggnog. If you look in the back, there are also matching glasses. Unfortunately, the link for it is partially broken, but there are several other great ideas with full info still listed.

Cauliflower casserole with olives and carrots

15. Cauliflower Cheese Man – Hehe, this looks like something I would end up making. It’s not as professional as other pictures, but it’s “real,” if that makes sense. This is what most people at home would end up with and it’d taste delicious. Love it.

I bet Santa would have brought him cookies

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Cookie monster opens a present that has a box of crackers inside and has the dialogue box of him saying "It's like you don't even know me!"

But Santa only would have followed through with the cookie request because the Cookie Monster asked for them. It certainly wouldn’t be because he was concerned with Mr. Monster’s health or variety of diet.

As much as I feel bad for Cookie to be disappointed there, I’m actually a wee-bit judgmental of people who only eat one kind of food. Or even two. I am entirely bored eating out with people who always order the same things, too. Where’s the fun in that? I don’t expect everyone to be adventurous by any means, but if you go to the same restaurant 20 times and always order the same thing….how do you know if you’re missing out on other great dishes that you probably like, too?

/Shrugs. To each his/her own, I suppose. If you really, really, REALLY love that food and want to eat it for the rest of your life, then so be it. It’s shallow of me to judge, I know, but I just can’t relate whatsoever and I have a hard time grasping the concept. Chocolate chip cookies are amazing, but to only eat that forever and ever? Eh…

Perfectly round Christmas cookies with a paper towel roll

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If you’re anything like me, you don’t really care what shape your cookies come out in….so long as they’re still edible.

Sometimes, they don’t even have to meet that requirement.

Fortunately, though, most people aren’t like me and some of you even sway toward the perfectionist side of the boat. If that’s you, you’ll love this tip.

After making your cookie dough, roll it out into a log shape, wrap in cling wrap, and then place inside a paper towel roll (slit it open like shown in the video). Roll it around a bit and then freeze it. When it’s ready, you can remove the perfectly shaped cookie log and slice into perfectly shaped cookies.

If the dough is still a bit soft, rotate the cookie dough log a quarter turn between each slice as well. This will avoid the bottom of the roll flattening some and creating those horribly deformed cookies that you don’t want.

Or, don’t follow that advice and just send all of your rejected cookies to me instead. I will eliminate them in a very, er, humane way. All cookies will be harmed, but it’ll be what they truly wanted anyway, right? ;)