How to make ice cream roses

ice cream, summer | June 26, 2013 | By

 photo tumblr_md71obfK091r13l3bo4_500.jpg
So ice cream roses are new to me. A quick Google search tells me that they’ve been around for a while, though, and a whole bunch of people make them.

I can’t say it’s something I could do at home very easily, but this guy seems to have the trick down pat. I’d likely just make a huge mess all over the place and would end up licking the counter off instead of even bothering with the cone.

 photo tumblr_md71obfK091r13l3bo3_500.jpg
Aren’t some of these awesome??
 photo tumblr_md71obfK091r13l3bo2_500.jpg   photo tumblr_md71obfK091r13l3bo1_500.jpg
 photo tumblr_lnnq3bxUju1qcn3o7o1_1280-560x428.jpg  photo rose_cream_by_eliseenchanted-d48u5e4.jpg  photo ice-cream-rose-summer-Favimcom-219973.jpg


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