Kleenex tissues and strawberry ice cream go hand in hand

ice cream, products | October 6, 2011 | By

Obviously. Summer allergies just scream “pass me a tissue….and some ice cream!”

I don’t even like Kleenex. Years of really horrible allergies led me to realizing that brand actually does matter, and it’s Puffs for me, all the way.

But I had to buy this triangle box of ice cream covered Kleenex just for the simple fact that it had food on it and struck me as bizarre.

I wanted the blue one instead, but there was only one box left when I saw it and it was crushed. :( I guess it really doesn’t matter considering the pink one I bought is still sitting on the counter unopened. Maybe if I get desperate enough, I’ll dig into it, but for now, I would much rather use it as a constant reminder that summer really was here and ice cream would’ve been great.

Wait. I don’t like strawberry ice cream either. Or pink. Why the heck did I actually buy these again??


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