Jolly Rancher toppings, syrups

Don’t get me wrong, I like Jolly Rancher candies just fine….but this just seems weird to me. I really don’t think I’d want my milk to taste like their two new flavors “blue raspberry” and “green apple.” I don’t want to ice cream to be covered in those either, but then again, I’m sure some people do!

After browsing through the recipes suggested on the Hershey’s site, the only thing I thought I might consider using it for were the “green apple pudding pops.” Jolly Ranchers and “green apple” both make me think something more like jello, candy, or even popsicles…more “clear” and “light.” To mix that with the thickness of milk or pudding seems way too heavy, creamy, and “ew.” I could certainly be wrong, though.


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