Top 5 Vending Machine Fails

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Picture of vending machine that says "That split second when you don't know if your snack is going to get stuck or not."

We’ve all been there. We finally cave in and head to the vending machine for quick satisfaction, only to have the vending machine say “Nuh uh, not today, buddy! Muahaha!”
Here are the top 5 vending machine fail pictures I’ve seen recently. Although, to be fair, I’m pretty sure some of them are “human fail” considering just how many people kept trying to get food or drinks to dispense, despite the machine clearly not working properly.

Vending machine with all of the sodas (coke, monster, sprite, etc) piled up in front because it no longer dispenses. Vending machine fail with all the chips piled up in front.   Crush, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke in a vending machine that is stuck and someone has made it into a frowny face. All the chips piled up in front of a broken vending machine fail. Vending machine with the sign that says "These machines do not always vend the snack/drink you pay for. Use at your own risk!!!!" because it is broken.

Honorable mention for similar “human/machine fail”: 10 toddlers stuck in claw machines

Spring Cleaning the Fridge – Don’t forget underneath!

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Doghouse Diaries comic where a stick figure drops a piece of ice, looks around, considers picking it up, and chooses to kick it under the fridge instead.

You all have done this, right? I know many of us would joke about it being what a bachelor would do, but come on, sometimes it’s just sooo far to the floor to pick up that lonely piece of ice.

And really, how often do you clean under the fridge anyway? I highly doubt that many of you even remember the last time you cleaned under there. By kicking the ice under, though, it’ll melt and hopefully run forward and bring some of the dirt and dust from underneath it with it.

If your floor isn’t tilted enough, kick more ice under there. Depending on your floor surface, eventually it should start to warp under there and THEN it will surely work as intended, cleaning the floor underneath. At least this is how I justify it….and what separates me from the lazy bachelors. ;)

Rubik’s Cube Fruit Salads

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The above video is one of the better Rubik’s cube fruit salads I have seen. I guess they’re technically not salads, but kind of, right? It’s the only one I have seen with a “dark” fruit like the blue you would expect on a Rubik’s cube, too, so that’s kind of nice, even though the shape is a little off.

Here are some other variations, too:

Chunks of fruit to look like rubik's cube where watermelon, honey do, and other various fruits stacked on top of each other.

Rubik's cube fruit salad dessert using cubes of fresh cut fruit like kiwis, strawberries, apples, and mandarin oranges 

Christmas Rubik's Cube fruit dessert with kiwi, strawberry, feta cheese, and cranberry garnish

This one isn’t diverse in color at all, but I think it’s one of my favorites actually. I was turned on to pairing fruits and cheese a couple years ago and was surprised to really enjoy the combinations, so to see watermelon and cheese together makes me drool just slightly. I think it’s more festive than anything, too, so a nice, refreshing treat for Christmas especially.