The spoon is evil – Real actors read Yelp

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Just watch. I find it hilarious that people actually write reviews like this, but even more so when they’re done as dramatic readings. Perfect. You can find more of them on the YouTube channel.

Oh, and as a side note, they actually did change their spoons after this review, so it’s good for something, too! 

Real Actors Read Yelp #14 Transcript:

I don’t live in Troy. So I don’t need this place to succeed.

That being said, I think it’s nice that they provide a place in the area for people to hang out at night that isn’t a bar. Bravo.

But they have a big problem. A freakin’ huge problem. It’s their spoons. Hear me out. Never in my life have I encountered such an uncomfortable utensil. And it’s not that it’s hard to hold or that the seams poke into your fingers while you’re using it. The problem is… the shape of the bowl. Using it to put yogurt in my mouth actually hurts my lips. And I don’t know if the bowl is too deep or the rim is oddly curved…but every single bite…it…It pushes on my lips as I try in vain to enjoy the perfectly tart frozen yogurt with mango…blackberry…mandarin orange slices…

I’m not going back.

Do you know how many frozen yogurt places there are in this area? A sh*t ton. There is ZERO room for error.


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