Flight attendants make airplane food fun

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Flight attendant holding out her key lime pie cookie dough made of airplane snacks like lime, cookies, creamer, and pretzels
Shockingly enough, this was on a Southwest flight where the attendants made more ‘gourmet’ style food out of airplane snacks. I’m not a big fan of Southwest given several past experiences and I think this has way more to do with some quirky flight attendants wanting to experiment than it does with the company itself….but hey, at least they allowed something like this, so they get a few indirect points from me anyway. I’ll try to ignore that it took place while people were flying to SXSW, which is known for having a lot of bloggers who might be tempted to blog something like this… ;)
Some of the recipes that chosen passengers were taught to make were “Key Lime Cookie Dough Sort Of” (above) made of cookies, creamer, and lime and this chocolate “mousse” (below) using hot chocolate mix and creamer, which does look like a nice dip for pretzels.
Chocolate mousse recipe using hot chocolate and creamer on an airplane to dip pretzels in

Unfortunately, you don’t usually get more than one snack offered during a flight, so making these snacks on a regular flight is unlikely. If you ever get access to multiple snacks, though, then make yourself a fun treat! I’m sure you could create more if you buy those ‘snack pack’ boxes they offer, but then you might as well bring your own snacks instead of paying for them anyway.

Also, I actually didn’t know you could get hot chocolate on a plane. I’ve only ever been offered sodas, alcohol, and coffee really. Hot chocolate would be quite delicious while flying, I think. Do any other airlines offer it? That might be enough to get me to try Southwest again, hehe.


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