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For starters, this post is sponsored by International Delights coffee creamers. When I mentioned it to my mom, she was already familiar and rattled off some examples of their TV commercials that she had seen. I, on the other hand, don’t watch TV and was completely new to the product, so I feel like I went in fairly unbiased. I’m not a coffee drinker, but flavored creamers can be great in recipes, especially baked goods.

Because I was making a random and last minute trip home for the holiday weekend, I didn’t even have time to pick the creamer myself and instead, left a lot of this recipe up to chance. Mom chose the salted caramel mocha variety. And my sister did a lot of the leg work for looking through recipe ideas before we settled on a cupcake.

I wasn’t sure just how strong the creamer would be, but decided that it should be able to replace all of the liquid in cupcakes. I started to second guess that decision almost immediately, though. When I opened the bottle, the smell was intense and as I poured it into a measuring cup, it looked like thick, premade chocolate milk. When I taste-tested the batter, it was really strong, too, but delicious nonetheless.

Unfortunately, it didn’t translate quite as well as I expected after being cooked. You could barely even taste the mocha! Argh! Fortunately, my sister was already planning on making a mocha frosting for it using the same creamer, so we had a second chance.

Photobucket Photobucket

That’s when we go back to last minute changes and leaving things up to chance, though. I ended up having to leave before the icing could get made. I thought that the un-iced cupcake picture is what I was going to have to leave you guys with! My sister saved my butt (thanks!) and sent me pictures of her icing job, though, and said the cupcakes turned out quite well.

Photobucket Photobucket

Judging by the pictures and the sampling of the cupcakes I had myself, it looks like they had some issues holding together. They were certainly moist (you can especially see it in that second picture up top….they almost look wet), but were yummy.

All and all, I think this was a successful recipe. I think if I were to make it again, I would need to add some coffee crystals into the batter itself for a more intense flavor. And maybe some caramel bits. The creamer was more mocha and caramel and I would’ve liked a stronger flavor overall. I could see it working well in brownies and cookies, too.

And if you’re a flavored coffee drinker, this one is definitely going to be up your alley. I was really surprised by how thick and intense it was straight from the bottle. I can only assume that the cupcake recipe I used was too chocolatey and covered some of that.

Thanks again to my sister. Otherwise, this is the only finished picture you would have seen:


How appetizing, right?

To make your own, I would recommend using a basic chocolate cupcake recipe and maybe back off some of the cocoa. You could also use a boxed mix and just replace the water with creamer.

The icing recipe is:

4 c powdered sugar
2 stick butter
4 tbsp International Delight mocha creamer

And as for International Delight, they’re making this holiday even sweeter by donating 50 cents to Coats for Kids for every UPC registered. they’re trying to reach their goal of $100,000 this year, so definitely take the extra minute to submit the code if you’re trying out ID creamers this holiday season. Here’s a coupon for a $1 off to sweeten the deal even more.

(Sorry the format is a little funky this time around. This is being published via BlogFrog’s composer and doesn’t exactly line up with what you’re used to here.)

The International Delight Facebook page shares coupon savings and a chance to share your delight this holiday season. What’s your favorite flavor?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.


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