New Zealand Pizza Roulette – Will that be the piece?

peppers, pizza, restaurant | April 2, 2012 | By

New Zealand pizza with smoking slice missing - Pizza with really hot liquid peppers on one piece - Prank?

Hell Kitchen, a pizza chain in New Zealand, now offers pizzas with a slice that has been covered with pepper juice:

The company brags the single scorching slice contains the culinary equivalent of a blast of police pepper spray.

In food terms, the heat-treated piece of pie is roughly 1,000 times stronger than the average jalapeno pepper.

There’s no charge from Hell Pizza for turning your dinner into a torture session — and hence their motto:

“It doesn’t cost, but someone pays.”


A friend’s reaction:

I’m moving to New Zealand. Bye.
Best part is I eat alone.
I’d be sad most of the pizza…
Is it this one? *bite* No. *tosses out* Is it this one?



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