What’s cooler than a zombie cake? – One baked in a convenience store, duh


Meet Zin.

Zin is stranger than I am. In case you don’t believe me, take another look at that picture and notice is head gear. :P

And then keep reading. Because this is Zin’s cake, made on a whim, and no, not in his own kitchen.Photobucket

Awesome zombie cake, no? When I asked what the teeth were made out of because I couldn’t quite tell, I got more pure awesome details about how the cake came to be.


Take a look for yourself:

Not censoring his name because every time I ask if I can do something, he tells me to go for it. We’ll treat his name the same way.

Zincathion: Teeth and brains are Good & Plenty, teeth are just cut in half, the eyes are marshmellows sliced up, with a dark recees pieces glued on with frosting.

Then my attempt at hair was screwed up badly by the lack of twizzlers pull & peels, so I used basic Twizzlers

I was slightly saddened by that, but considering two hours ago I didn’t even know I was going to bake a cake tonight, I think it’s pretty good.

Jessi:  You had those things on hand already? Or just the store didn’t have the pull and peels when you went to find them?

Zincathion: Store didn’t have any.

Jessi: boo

Zincathion: I actually baked it in a convinyence store…

Jessi: you did?

Zincathion: Yep. I can give you pics of that if you want to.

Jessi: how did you manage that? and if you have them, sure!

Zincathion: With my awesomeness.

Jessi: haha

Zincathion: I am really really good friends with everyone that works here.

Jessi:  they have an….oven? at the store? or like one of those toaster oven/microwave things that gas stations tend to have?

Zincathion: It’s actually a old Restaurant Name bread oven.

Jessi: nice

Zincathion: Old Restaurant Name where equipment just sits. Under the NH stickers is a Restaurant Name logo. Had to just hide it to use it.

(After some more picture exchange….)

Jessi: ok, that last picture is just epic

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

^ Yeah, I’m still giddy that he shared the pictures with me. And that he actually baked and decorated the cake in a convenience store, because really, can you get any quirkier than that?


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