There’s always one pink speckled apple in the bunch….er, bad apple?

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(~Edit~ Apparently PhotoBucket finds something offensive about the above photo. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but they removed it for terms violation. Is there something dirty there that I don’t see? Is my thumb copyrighted? Are pink apples illegal in some countries? I’m so confused.)

I remember last fall that apples were on sale for dirt cheap and I was so excited to snatch up a large set for myself. As I started peeling the first one for my massive apple cooking adventures that day, I noticed that not only was it red on the outside….but also on the inside.

Now unless you’re well-acquainted with this yourself, you’re probably thinking that I just didn’t peel deep enough and that’s actually red tint left from the skin still. Wrong. I thought that might be the case myself, but I cut into it and it had pink/red vein-looking streaks all the way through.

I set it aside and moved to another, thinking it was maybe just “the bad apples of the bunch,” but nope, it turns out that several of my apples were pink to the core (especially the one on the right).

Apples pink red veins throughout
(Ignore that they’re not evenly peeled, hehe)


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    Erika Jean
    January 26, 2010

    Weird. did you use them anyway?

    If I can’t get apples from an orchard… I go straight for the organic secion. They are just better.

    I’m picky… I worked at a fruit farm in HS ;-)

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    January 27, 2010

    Working at a fruit farm would certainly do that to you.

    And yes, I used them anyway. I was going to be cooking them down into apple sauce, etc, so I felt a bit safer knowing we weren’t just going to be eating them fresh. And really, I’ve never heard of an apple issue that is characterized by pink coloration, so I figured they were okay. Had it just been one apple, I would’ve tossed it, but it was most of them.

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