Afraid of Vampires? The Stinking Rose is for You

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Top Eight Ways that The Stinking Rose is Guaranteed to Ward Off Vampires:

  • Their motto is “we season our garlic with food.”
  • They serve 3,000 pounds of garlic every month. Every MONTH. Do you realize how light garlic is and just how much that translates to??
  • It’s home to the world’s longest garlic bread, which includes 2,635 individual bulbs of garlic.
  • Their 40-Clove Garlic Chicken really does include 40 cloves of garlic in every dish.
  • Where else can you get a garlic flavored ice cream?
  • Even the drinks are garlicky with their signature garlic martini topping the list.
  • Local Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew members aren’t allowed to eat at the Stinking Rose any more because of passenger complaints about their stinky breath.
  • Previous customers claim that it sometimes takes 3 days for the garlic breath to fade.

I can’t imagine this being a great place to have to walk by everyday, but their menu does sound delicious. Fortunately, once cooked, garlic is not nearly as strong as it is raw…as I learned first hand by eating whole cloves at my first shrimp boil party.

So while forty cloves of garlic may be a bit excessive to actually eat, the flavor would be mild and probably quite delicious. Just don’t sit within a 5 foot radius of me for a few days!

When sprouts overtake the garlic cloves…

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Garlic sprout as big as a baby carrot

I don’t know all the scientific details of what the ideal temperature, humidity, etc, is for garlic to sprout.

I do know that when I was staying in Canada, though, every single head of garlic would start sprouting and all of my cloves would need to be de-germed every time I wanted to use them…even straight from the grocery store.

Garlic and stirfry chopped ingredients with peppers and broccoli - Garlic sprouted

Sometimes, it was more than just a little sprout, too. This is an example of what it often looked like. By the time I cut into a clover, there was just as much sprout to be removed as there was usable garlic left over for me to chop. It was kind of frustrating actually, especially considering it’s not something I had ever really had to deal with before.

How to de-germ sprouted garlic clove