Bacon and egg hot tub for toast people

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A bowl with lots of bacon around the outside, scrambled eggs in the middle, and toast cut into the shapes of men with ketchup smiley faces. "Bacon and egg hot tub for toast men"

So this “grown man” calls it a bacon and egg hot tub for his toast people.

I’m afraid that I saw a much more gruesome scene when I first saw this picture. For starters, they definitely look like they’re screaming…likely from drowning in this ‘hot tub’. The fact that the bacon looks more like giant worms, though, or potentially a volcano of scrambled eggs…. sets more of a horror film here.

Which means ultimately, I end up imagining the scrambled eggs bubbling up like molten lava, engulfing the little toast people’s legs, while the bacon worms (Tremor-style) leap in and out of the bowl, attacking them ferociously….

Okay, so I might have some issues….

Patience is a virtue–The little mouse that could (Wordless Wednesday)

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Top 5 Vine food animations

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I tried to ignore Vine, minus a little jab at the app a few months ago. I think it’s a pretty silly concept, but hey, that’s the sort of thing that gets really popular on the internet, huh?

Some of these are kinda cool, though, so I’ll give them credit for being creative.