How to kill and cook lizards and iguanas

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I really wanted to show you a picture of the cooked iguana legs from Serious Eats, but I know some of you are a little squeamish. And if food bloggers every where preach to not even post bones, I’m pretty sure it’d be frowned upon if I post dissected iguanas, too.

But they look so cool!

There is a video at that link, too, so you can see how they hunt them and cook them. Pretty interesting. I imagine they’re going to taste much like frog legs, too, although probably a bit chewier since they are smaller.

In other news, while I was trying to hunt down a cute picture of some reptile for you, I stumbled across an item from a couple years ago. Apparently they discovered a new species of lizard….at a Vietnamese buffet!

A reptile scientist was intrigued by the fact that all of the lizards seemed to be females. I suppose only a reptile scientist would be taking note of the gender of their food, ha. Turns out, it’s some rare species that can reproduce by cloning itself. Maybe I should pay more attention to what I’m eating?

“Ate so much, they’re going to have to roll me out!”

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It’s been an ongoing joke made within  my family for as long as I can remember. When we’d go out to eat (which was rare), whether with my parents or grandparents, it was pretty much guaranteed we would binge and eat too much. One or more people would usually say or agree that they need a wheelchair to wheel them out of the restaurant.

On more than one occasion, that feeling was described as needing to be rolled out instead, which is exactly what this video makes me think of. I’ve definitely been so stuffed after a meal that I felt like I should just flop on my side and have someone roll me to a bed so I could sleep it off, ha.

The real Tweeters – Bacon fat brings all the birds to the yard

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Birds eating bacon and lard off of a keyboard that automatically tweets to the hungry birds twitter account

*sings* And they’re like….

“POLLPPPPPPPPPQPLQQP`Q“`Q`1`1“`QQ`QQQ`QQQ111“Q11111111`1“11“`1“““11`1“““““2`2““`2““`\““\“\\“`22\ “

Yeah, so apparently birds are the best at Twitter after all. It’s still more interesting than some of the things I’ve read there before, though.

The account, @hungry_birds is dormant now, but if you like bird watching, give the video below a click to see how birds came in and automatically tweeted from their winter wonderland keyboard. :)