The real Tweeters – Bacon fat brings all the birds to the yard

animals, bacon | March 28, 2013 | By

Birds eating bacon and lard off of a keyboard that automatically tweets to the hungry birds twitter account

*sings* And they’re like….

“POLLPPPPPPPPPQPLQQP`Q“`Q`1`1“`QQ`QQQ`QQQ111“Q11111111`1“11“`1“““11`1“““““2`2““`2““`\““\“\\“`22\ “

Yeah, so apparently birds are the best at Twitter after all. It’s still more interesting than some of the things I’ve read there before, though.

The account, @hungry_birds is dormant now, but if you like bird watching, give the video below a click to see how birds came in and automatically tweeted from their winter wonderland keyboard. :)


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