The discovery of the Pizookie Party Platter

Cookie pie with chocolate chip cookies, oreo cookies, etc, plus ice cream on top

I’ve seen lots of creations online, no doubt, but this one is actually new to me! It’s created in a restaurant instead of being an at-home compilation.

BJ’s Restaurant sells a variety of “pizookies” or “cookie pizzas.” One example is a chocolate cookie made with chunks of Ghiradelli chocolate, topped with a couple scoops of double chocolate ice cream (also with chunks of Ghiradelli).

Another is Red Velvet Pizookie with hot red velvet cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream in its own deep dish.  There’s also a standard chocolate chip variety, a strawberry shortcake style one, and a trio that includes a lovely looking white chocolate macadamia nut and peanut butter pizookie.

But the king of the pizookies? It’s the party platter that you see above which can actually vary because you can choose any four of their pizookie varieties and partner them up for one mega platter of cookie goodness.

I can’t quite tell what the two top pizookies are in the above  picture, but I don’t even care. I want them all!

Also, I kind of wonder what the recommended serving size is for this….not because I would follow it, but because I’m sure I’d get weird looks if I ordered this at a table with only two people…. and I could take the cookie portion home with me, but that would be a waste of ice cream!


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