Disney World Food Air Fresheners

products | May 14, 2013 | By

Turkey leg scented air freshener and mickey's premium ice cream bar scent air freshener from Disney World Resort
I love me a turkey leg any day of the week, but I really can’t say that I necessarily want my car to reek of poultry on a hot summer day either.
I’m gonna have to say the same for waffles, if I’m really being honest. Sure, a waffle might be nice in the middle of summer in an air conditioned restaurant, but the sickenly sweet smell of maple syrup is going to make me….well….sick at the thought of it even. I’ll pass.

Candy apple and Mickey Waffle Scent air fresheners from Disney and Epcot centers

It’s definitely quirky, though, right? If you want your own, they’re available at the Disney Resorts, but I’m sure you can probably find them online by now, too.


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