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Oops! I completely forgot to post about this, so the news is a little old, but still completely relevant.

A couple months ago, my sister sent me a text (or an email? maybe it was a phone call first? hmm)…. Anyway, a package from MyBlogSpark and General Mills had arrived at the house. I’m staying on the east coast right now, so I told her to go ahead, open it, and enjoy. It ended up being free movie tickets and a box of cereal!

Now I’m used to offers like ‘free tickets’ not being valid in the area where my sister lives because it’s a smaller town and they don’t always participate in national promotions. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with this and the following week, I got a text from her saying “Hey thanks for the free date night!” Awww. <3

That must have been one great bowl of cereal they shared…. ;)

I kid, I kid. They went to see The Hobbit and according to her, it was amazing. Even better. I’m glad I didn’t bother having her forward the package on to me and that they were able to enjoy and appreciate the tickets in my place.

This isn’t the first time that MyBlogSpark or General Mills has sent me items to review and as usual, I wasn’t disappointed at all.


If you want to enjoy a “Free Movie Night” of your own, you don’t have to enter any giveaways or hold your breath to see if you win. The promo is going on this entire year and all you have to do is buy a couple boxes of General Mills cereal. Most of you probably already do anyway and if you use coupons, that makes it even easier to get some free tickets.

It’s not one of those annoying setups where you have to send off for them either. Each box has a code inside and you just plug that into the movie site. You print off your ticket right there (valid up to $12) and head off to the theater. I was kind of surprised how many theaters are participating, too (check here), so don’t dismiss this if you’re in a strange area that doesn’t usually participate.

Have fun!

"Disclosure: The information, products and General Mills gift pack were provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark."


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