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Around the world are some truly unique and innovative restaurants. Those looking for a creative and fun way to dine need not lose hope; there are many restaurants about that will provide customers with an incredible, unforgettable experience. Here are four of the most innovative restaurants around, that offer customers magical experiences that are simply out of this world!

  1. Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant chain currently making a name for itself in a variety of countries around the world. Quickly becoming one of the most innovative restaurants ever to exist, the delights of this eatery can be experienced in an array of destinations such as America, Spain and England. A dining experience that dangles customers 100 feet above ground, Dinner in the Sky will provide an unimaginable experience.

This suspended table seats 22 people and offers the finest of dining experiences. Whilst eating, customers will be surrounded by mind-blowing views that they are sure to treasure forever. Surrounded by clouds and blue skies, this dining experience is guaranteed to supply families and friends with unquestionable peace and quiet, allowing them to enjoy each other’s company without any interruptions. A truly innovative restaurant, Dinner in the Sky, couldn’t be more original if it tried.

Dinner in the sky is a unique way to dine. Photobucket

  1. Underwater Restaurant

Maldives Underwater Restaurant is truly an innovative place to dine. Instead of taking customers up into the air, this restaurant will take customers on a trip to the bottom of the ocean. Situated 5 meters below sea level, customers will be surrounded by the deep, blue waters. With its glass cove, customers will get a 270 degree panoramic view of the sea’s fascinating creatures and plants. An unusual but captivating experience, customers will be enchanted by all this restaurant has to offer.

  1. In the Dark

Situated in London, this restaurant provides customers with a unique opportunity to engage with their senses. A restaurant like no other, customers will not be in control of this dining experience. Upon arrival customers must choose a menu colour, which will decide their meal for the night. They will then be led into a dark room, where their sense of sight immediately becomes useless, forcing them to engage with their other senses. Customers will enter the restaurant in a Congo style line and be led to tables by blind waiters. Whilst eating, customers can guess what food they have been given an enjoy an interactive experience. A great way to interact with others and enjoy a communal dining experience, In the Dark, is an innovative restaurant that allows customers to have a unique dining experience.

  1. Ice Restaurant

Located in Dubai, this restaurant provides an experience that is undoubtedly one of a kind. From glasses to cutlery, everything customers come into contact with is made of ice. An experience that will make customers think they have gone to the Antarctic and back, this restaurant will provide a fun-filled dining experience. Customers should make sure however, to wear warm clothes, as this restaurant is bound to get a little chilly!

An ice shot glass, an innovative but chilly idea. Photobucket
These four innovative restaurants are just some of the unique and unusual places around. From eating dinner in the clouds to enjoying a dining experience at the bottom of the ocean, these restaurants will supply customers with a superb experience. With so many great restaurants around, those looking for a unique way to dine are bound to find it, wherever they may be.

Image Credits: Ander Vaz and paulofierro

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