Canadians like their….big jars of honey!

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Cosman and Whidden honey jar from Greenwich, Nova Scotia 5 gallons of honey
Here’s another installment of “Canadians like their…
I actually don’t even know what the honey tastes like. I heard it’s delicious, but it’s the jars that I got to experience. This guy’s parents brought the jars because they’re so handy and I used them to store things like pasta in.

Using a Honey Miel Cossman and Whidden jar to shake koolaid pink lemonade in instead of a pitcher

Oh right…and to make Kool-aid in. What can I say? Sometimes you just don’t have a pitcher available…
If you’re interested in the Cosman and Whidden honey (or the jars), they have a website with quite the rich history. It’s a family owned bee operation that’s been going since the 70s.


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