This one’s for the squirrels – Nutter Butter Kiss acorns

Acorn treat made of Nutter Butter bites cookies, Hershey kisses, chocolate chips, and chocolate

This one’s for the squirrels
Who’ve ever had a broken acorn
Who’ve stepped upon a rosy thorn
No more reason to be so forlorn.
This one’s for the squirrels,
Who love their tasty snack
Who dream it’s everything they have
All around the world
This one’s for the squirrels….

Yes, that should be sang to the tune of “This One’s for the Girls”….and then you should never speak of it again. I know it’s not normal for everyone else to sing to their squirrel friends, but I certainly do.

For everyone else, there are Nutter Butter Hershey Kiss acorns. Technically they’re Nutter Butter bites, or they’d be quite the funky shape….although then the squirrels would probably just want them as is instead of in acorn form instead. ;)


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