Pizza shops should have pizza (Rant)

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Pizza Hut sign that says "we have pizza"

Yes, I know that sound silly. Just as the sign from Pizza Hut saying “We have pizza” sounds ridiculous and eye-rolly.

But I want to thank them right now.

One of the things I have discovered while I’ve been on the northeast coast is that they’re very particular about their pizza. Obviously you would expect that from New Yorkers, just as you would from Chicagoans, but it’s the entire area.

And as I have seen time and time again, it isn’t only that people have a preference or a favorite pizza. It is that every OTHER pizza is completely disgusting somehow. It’s not just about how the pizza tastes, but where it comes from, too…even if another shop has almost an exact crust, sauce, and topping choice (or rather, no toppings at all seem to be preferred up here…./glares at the pizza snobs).

What I’m also finding is that while everyone seems to love local pizza shops instead commercial chains like Pizza Hut or Dominos, all of the local shops serve way more than pizzas. Sure, you can go to a pizza chain and expect to have an option of bread sticks, a dessert stick or pizza of some sort, and maybe even some pasta.

But these shops? No, they sell a million other things, too. It seems that they especially love selling bar food. You know… deep fried everything that was likely frozen only moments before. I don’t get it. It might be Mario’s Pizza, but when you get inside, the board will have 3 dozen other items, ranging from fried mozzarella sticks to Philly cheese steaks. Really…. you’re going to go to a shop that specifically says “pizza” in the title, but you’re going to order a cheese steak? No, that’s not right.

So Pizza Hut, I thank you. I appreciate your salad bar and occasional pasta offering, but when I want pizza, I’m glad that you actually have pizza….and that’s your specialty.


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