Halloween Candy Monster Kabobs

candy, Halloween, kids, parties | October 9, 2012 | By


Kebab. Kabab. Kabob. I know what is technically right and I know the original, but no matter how I end up spelling it, it always requires a trip to Google to double check….and at least one person correcting the spelling regardless, so meh. Take ‘em all! :P

I love these, uh, skewered candy treats. I don’t recommend them for handing out to trick-or-treaters because the candy is all unwrapped…and well, skewers are dangerous, pfft. :P

They’re perfect for a party, though, don’t you think? I really think they would work for an adult or kid party either one and people would get a huge kick out of them. I’m not sure how much time they take to put together, but assuming all the candy is unwrapped to begin with (have the kids do it, hehe), I doubt it’d take much to assemble them.

The best part is that there’s no specific recipe or ingredient list to follow either. You could use any candy that you can get your hands on and put them together in any combination. It kinda makes me think of Monsters Inc with all the different funky monsters.


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