Do you want a gap between your thighs or cake?

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"Do you want hipbones or pizza? A gap between your thighs or cake? Collarbones or sweets? A flat stomach or soda?" The top pictures show awesome bodies but then the bottom shows a silly person with soda, pizza, chips, and candy instead,  proving they would rather the food.  

Yeah, bring on the cake.

I know a lot of women are obsessed with wanting a flat stomach or are mortified that their thighs touch…

Actually, as a quick side note: I didn’t realize until two years ago that your thighs are apparently not supposed to touch. I thought that was only something that happened with anorexics, stick thin models, or Asians.

But no, apparently white chicks like myself are supposed to have a gap there, too. I have obviously been living under the guise of my Southern cooking roots. Who knew?

So anyway, yes, I understand why some people are so obsessed with being thinner or more toned or more perfectly shaped. I get it. Really, I do.

But if you show me a picture of a flat stomach and try to use that as some sort of thinspiration to motivate me to work out? It ain’t happening. I’m going to drool over the cake or cookie alternative and tell you that if you want to go sweat your butt off, go for it, but I’ll happily add another slice to mine for now. ;)


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    Quirky Jessi
    August 17, 2012

    Well if they’re rubbing THAT much, chances are they’ll be so sweaty that a fire would be impossible anyway.

    How’s that for a delicious image for you? :P

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