Quirky Jessi likes to lick feet…and cook…yeah, cook…

Child writing spelling sentences. Says "I put a lime in the coconut and shook it all up. Jessi likes to cook. Jessi likes to lick my foot. I do not have a woolen coat."

Yes, yes I do. What’s it to ya? From B’s spelling sentences last year.

Anywho, we’ll keep it short. It’s Christmas, after all, and none of you are going to see this for a few more days at least, right? So hope your Christmas was a great one and that you’re still wearing your leopard Santa hats.

Quirky Jessi wearing a leopard print Santa hat

Leopard Santa hats and rainbow belts. Aww yeah! :P

~Edit~ Also, I made a tree. I’ll post details of it another time. For now, Merry Christmas…again. :)

Christmas tree made of broccoli, cranberries, cheese


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