Skinny girls eat the grapes, fat girls eat the crepes

Picture of silhouettes with the skinny girl filled in with all vegetables and veggies and fruits like broccoli, grapes, peaches, tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus....and the fat girl or chubby girl is filled in with unhealthy foods like french fries, burgers, cupcakes, fried eggs,  fried chicken, milkshakes, chips, and cakes.

Not all chubby girls eat only bad food. We love our veggies as much as we love our tator tots. Skinny girls love a good milkshake as much as they love a head of broccoli.

Let’s get it right, a**hole who created this graphic.

Read the rest of Angie’s thoughts on the above image here, along with some really awesome commenters’ thoughts, too.


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